Picture of Seth and Kaitlin Folkers
Seth and Kaitlin Folkers

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Missionaries to Cameroon, West Africa

We are Seth and Kaitlin Folkers, missionaries to Cameroon, West Africa. The Lord is leading us to work alongside and behind pioneer church planters to see new believers grounded in the faith, particularly through training up national pastors and teachers to lead these young churches. Eph. 4:11-16 is the heartbeat of our ministry.

Lord willing, we will be leaving in December of 2017 to spend one year in the Akwaya region of Cameroon, where 20-30 new churches have been started in the past several years. Our plan is to operate a mobile Bible Institute, traveling in a three-part circuit throughout that region, teaching modular classes on the doctrines of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, and Marriage and the Family. While assisting with continued church planting, the establishing of the new believers will be our primary focus, as we work under the guidance of veteran missionary Tom Needham, and alongside Glen and Sarah Swanson and Cameroonian pastors.

Our Testimonies

I was raised in a godly home from birth. After salvation, the Lord brought me to the place of surrender to His will at 13 years old, and I distinctly sensed His call to foreign missions. I completed three years of Bible training through Pioneer Bible Institute, a school for training pastors and other church workers in the Midwest; it was started and led by my grandfather, with whom I was privileged to work closely for a number of years. In further preparation for missionary service, the Lord led me to the seminary at Baptist College of Ministry, where I graduated in May with an M.A. in Bible. I am also nearing completion of the M. Div. through the same seminary.

Kaitlin was raised Catholic in a small SD town, but when she was ten years old a church-planter led her and (subsequently) her family to the Lord. As a teenager, she became deeply burdened for missions. After high school graduation and completion of a three-year Bible Institute program (through Faith Bible Institute), she spent four months teaching in Ghana. She then returned to Ghana as a long-term missionary, but a tragic change in circumstances on the field forced her to return to the U.S. in August 2015. While waiting on the Lord, she served in her home church in SD, teaching a children’s SS class and beginning an outreach Bible study with young women. However, she continued to have a deep burden for the foreign mission field.

In January, 2016, we began a long-awaited, long-distance relationship under the authority of our parents and pastors. The Lord’s blessing upon it was evident, and on July 23 we were engaged. We were joyfully married on October 7, and look forward to the blessing of serving the Lord together the rest of our lives!

Our Ministry

I have had opportunity to teach Bible Institute classes in Uganda and South Africa, as well as here in the U.S. I’ve also been deeply involved in the ministries of the various local churches of which I have been a member, and I spent two years working at a home for troubled young men in Vanduser, Missouri. Kaitlin has had experience teaching women and children, and will continue to do so as we minister together. She has a burden for the deaf as well—in Ghana she learned and taught in Ghanaian Sign Language—and this may be part of our future ministry as the Lord directs.

Our goal is to raise about $2000/month of support before leaving for Cameroon in December. After returning in November, 2018, we’ll continue to raise the rest of our needed support for long-term ministry in Africa. We are still seeking the Lord’s direction as to whether He would have us to remain in Cameroon permanently, or minister elsewhere in Africa, as the open doors and the need for solid biblical training abound throughout the continent. However, the need for bringing Bible teaching to the village churches, so that men can grow in their knowledge of God’s Word while continuing to serve in their local churches and raise their families, is a very specific burden the Lord has given us.

We appreciate your prayerful consideration of our ministry, and your partnership with us as the Lord leads.

The Lord’s grace be with you,
Seth and Kaitlin Folkers